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Laptop Repair in Jacksonville

A1A Computer Services provides Jacksonville Florida and the Jacksonville Beach communities with a wide variety of laptop and desktop repair services. We repair anything from a laptop screen to virus removal, data recovery, data transfer or any other computer software or hardware related repair issue.
Surprisingly most people don’t realize computer repair services are needed when you pull you computer out of the box new. Laptop and desktop PC manufacturers load your new computer with unnecessary software programs which is good and bad for you as a consumer.
Good: This allows you to buy that new laptop or desktop for less because the manufactures are getting paid by software vendors so you can pay less.
Bad: Because you start getting pop up ads as soon you turn your new laptop or desktop on.Bad because the computer manufacturers do not take the time to straighten out the problems caused from loading all of these programs. They just ship it out and you buy it.They just ship it out and you buy it.